Adding Sub-Users to Multicraft Have a friend or someone that you want to have co-manage your server with you? No problem! This... How to Load Bukkit and Plugins How do I use plugins/CraftBukkit/Bukkit? You can download plugins and mods directly from... Installing Tekkit or FTB On your Server To have Tekkit or FTB installed on your server, you need to have the Wood plan with 1GB of Ram or... How to Change / Delete ModPacks How to Change or Delete Modpacks, mod and config folders from your server. In Multicraft you... How to Update your Minecraft Server Version You can Update your Minecraft Server Version with the latest update by doing the following:... Auto Modpack Installer - 2 Click Install Multicrafts Modpack Auto Installer.   Multicraft comes with auto installers for the all... How To Install Forge To install Forge please watch the youtube tutorial below:  To install your own custom... Schedule Automatic Backups Schedule Automatic Backups in Multicraft Scheduled and Automated Tasks Multicraft lets you automate a great number of server management tasks.  To create a... Uploading a custom world/FTP usage View our Youtube Video Tutorial on how to upload a custom World to your Server.   You can... MCPC+ Run Plugins and Mods Together What is MCPC+? MCPC+ is a server jar that allows you to use mods and plugins together on your... Using FTP Files Menu to edit and upload files Multicraft comes with a versatile web based file manager that allows you to easily make changes... CraftBukkit vs. Vanilla What is the difference between a CraftBukkit (Bukkit) server and a "vanilla" Minecraft server? A... Unique IP vs Sub-domain/Domain for Server There often is a bit of confusion between using a "Unique IP" and a "Sub-domain/domain" to... Create and Restore a Server Backup Create and Restore a Server Backup   It is recommended that you do backups of your server... Resetting your Server If you're wanting to start from scratch, resetting your server to factory settings is very easy.... Deleting your World If you're wanting to delete your world, removing it is very easy. Just log... Uploading a Custom JAR File and Mods How to install your own custom jar files, mods or modpack onto your server.    ... Generate a new World or new Seed Generate a new random world.   You can generate a new world on your server in multicraft... How to Download your World Save This guide will take you through the steps of downloading your world to your computer. Make sure... Edit Server Settings in Config Files Although you can edit your configuration files using the built in web based file manager or FTP,... Setting Server Icon To add a server icon, log into Multicraft, select and stop your Minecraft server, then... Setting Server MOTD To change the MOTD that displays in the Minecraft Client Multiplayer Server List, log... Setting your Server Difficulty To change the difficulty setting for your server, log into Multicraft, select and stop your... Minecraft World Generator Types There is currently the option for four world generation types:... Turn off User Authentication If at anytime you need to disable the server's online-mode setting to authenticate with the... Resource/Texture Packs With the latest Minecraft builds, it is now possible to push Resource Packs to the client side so... Enabling Command Blocks Command blocks are normally a requirement for adventure maps. So if your adventure map is not... Multicraft Server Console ¬† Multicraft offers you full control over your Minecraft server's console. ¬†This allows you to... Enabling Whitelist Whitelisting your server prevents users that are not on the list from joining your... How to OP a Player By default, there are no Minecraft Server operators, also known as OPs, on your Minecraft Server.... Basic Minecraft (Vanilla/Bukkit) Server Commands Minecraft has many commands that allow you to control your server in different ways. Here are... CPU Usage The CPU usage feature of Multicraft is useful in determining if something in your server is... What is a unique IP Address? Purchasing a unique IP address allows you to connect directly to an IP address supplied to you... Getting a "Domain" or "DNS IP" For Your Server .A "Domain IP" is using a domain name ( to redirect to the actual server IP to...
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