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When setting the Whitelisted Players, Opped Players, and Banned Players/IPs please use the console commands to add these players to the lists. 

Do not edit the lists. Special formatting is required for the server to read these lists correctly.

To reset the lists, if you've already entered data and broken them, follow the steps below:
  1. Stop your server
  2. Click "FTP File Access" and login.
  3. Select the appropriate file for whichever list you have broken. Once selected the appropriate files, click "Delete" up the top. 
    • Whitelist - whitelist.json
    • OP - ops.json
    • Banned Players - banned-players.json
    • Banned IP's - banned-ips.json
  4. Start up your server, and the files will be regenerated.
  5. Add players to the lists using the console commands. 

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