How to Download your World Save

This guide will take you through the steps of downloading your world to your computer. Make sure you have the world you want to download, selected in Multicraft, beside "World".

  1. Login to your control panel and stop your server. Take a moment to ensure your server is stopped. If you fail to stop your server before your world is being downloaded, there is a raised possibility of corruption.
  2. Click on "Backup" in the Left Side Panel. 
  3. Then click "Start". Wait for it to say "Backup Complete". 
  4. Connect to your Server's FTP using an FTP Client. (Click here)
  5. Find the .zip file that is named after your server. For example "" There may be others with a number in them (eg. ignore these.
  6. Right click the .zip file, and download. It will then be downloaded to the directory selected in the Left Side Pane.

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